How Can I Get Rewarded?

Simply Register With Us and Start Getting Gifts & Cash!!

First of all THANK YOU for showing interest to join our AWESOME community – thousands of other people like you have done the same and I feel honored to have your trust and attention.

The process to earn free gifts and cash is a very simple 3 step process:

Step 1: To become a member of the AWESOME Reward Santa community you will have to fill our registration form (all your personal details will be kept safe with us and we will never share it with any 3rd party – we are very serious about member privacy). It is absolutely FREE to register with us (unlike many other communities which charges fees for registration). The login details will be send to your email ID.

Step 2: Once you have registered we will start sending you web surveys on your email ID. All the surveys will be send to you from our email ID – to ensure that you receive web surveys on time please add our email ID into your contact list or “safe senders” list in your mailbox.

Step 3: You receive gifts/cash every time you successfully complete the survey – so more the surveys you fill more the rewards!!

Please read the below instructions very carefully:

Point 1: Normally all web surveys require people of a particular quota – for e.g. a web survey may require 50 females who are aged 30-45  – if you are the 51st female to click on the survey link you will receive a ‘QUOTA FULL’ message – this means that the survey has got responses from the required number of members. We recommend you to regularly check your mailbox for surveys from – the sooner you click on the survey link and participate the higher chances are for successful participation.

Point 2: Before we send survey invites to our members we filter on the basis of demographics like age, gender, city etc. – thereafter the respondent is ‘SCREENED OUT’ – for example a survey may require males aged 20-50 from Newyork who have purchased a mobile phone in past 6 months – as mentioned above we send invites to males aged 20-50 living in Newyork but it maybe that the member has NOT purchased a mobile phone in past 6 months therefore they will be SCREENED OUT.

Point 3: If you have successfully completed the survey you will receive a “Thank You” note as well as confirmation of completion.

Point 4: At any point of time if you have any doubt/query/concern please feel free to drop us a message at (please note that sometimes due to heavy traffic of mails we may take 3-4 days to respond – we appreciate your patience with us).

I sincerely hope that you receive loads of gifts & cash!!!

To register with us and start getting cash please fill the form below!

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