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Who doesn’t like to receive gifts?

I think every person on this planet LOVES to get gifts!

It’s not the value of the gift but the feeling that someone loves and cares for you that brings a BIG smile on our faces.

My idea of starting REWARD SANTA is very simple – bring smiles on the face of as many people as possible.

How am I going to achieve it?


“Hmm..but you are not Santa Claus – how can you distribute free gifts?? it is not financially possible!”

Yes you are right – neither I am Santa Claus (although I wish so :-)) nor I have some magic wand which I can simply wave and get endless supply of gifts.

But wait for a second…

I do have something that helps me to give free gifts and cash.

There are lots of companies out there who want to ask you questions – these questions helps companies to make better products and services for you. Now these companies provide gifts/cash/rewards for your precious participation in answering these questions.

My role is simple – I create an online community of AWESOME people like you – I then create questions which companies wants to ask from you – I send you across these questions in your mail box as a web survey (which you can fill at your own convenience) – once the web survey is complete I gather all the responses and send it back to the companies – thereafter I forward your gifts/cash/rewards to you.

Please note that I do earn a small commission for my efforts but I have not started REWARD SANTA just to earn money. My mission is to help you win free gifts and rewards – trust me it gives me immense pleasure to do what I do.

Your identity remains a secret – at no point of time your personal information (like email address, phone numbers, home address etc.) is shared with any 3rd party.

Reward Santa is based on complete trust and transparency

At any point of time – if you feel not comfortable sharing your personal information or to participate in web surveys – I request you not to do so.

However I will be glad if you participate in web surveys – not for the gifts but for the reason that your opinions will ultimately help create/improve products/services that you use or intend to do so – in a way your efforts will help you get AWESOME products/services.

There are lots of shady people out there who promise to make you MILLIONAIRE by filling few surveys in a day – please be careful about such people – you can never ever become RICH (like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs) by participating in web surveys – but yes you can earn few hundred dollars every month by filling web surveys in your spare time.

Reward Santa is an online community of AWESOME people like you who share their views on a variety of topics.

When members of the Reward Santa participate in web surveys they influence & guide the decision making process of many companies.

Oh! have I told you that it is absolutely FREE to register!!

To register with us and start getting cash please fill the form below!

In case you face any problem or have a query please drop me a mail (I always revert)

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