10 Amazing Facts About The Delicious PIZZA

Let me share with you one of my guilty pleasures – it is the mouthwatering PIZZA. Now there are 1000 different varieties of pizza although my favorite one is with heavy loads of cheese along with Tomatoes and Onions. There is something so delicious about pizza that it lights up the face of a kid as well as an old person. Although the origin of pizza is attributed to the Italians but today a pizza is a universal food – with every country and region offering a different twist to it. Now I am going to share with you some cool facts about pizza which I am sure you are not aware of.

1- It will be difficult for you to imagine but pizza was originally meant for the poor people.

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2- Do you know that Pizza Hut has more than 6000 outlets in USA! No wonder Americans are getting obese.

3- Every year more than 5 BILLON pizzas are sold all over the world.

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4- People have different favorites when it comes to pizza toppings and for consumers in Japan it is SQUID.

5- Gordon Ramsey’s Maze restaurant in London serves the most expensive at £100 each.

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6- If you want to eat a healthy pizza have less cheese, less sodium and healthier toppings but then what will be the fun in eating such a pizza!

7- Do you know that 94% of Americans eats pizzas regularly.

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8- Pepperoni is the most favored toppings for a pizza.

9- The early versions of the pizzas were sweet unlike what is served today.

10- An average pizza will have approximately 850 calories.

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