11 Awesome Facts About Cats That Most People Don’t Know

Let me  confess at the start itself – I am a dog person – having raised few of them in my life – I associate myself more with the dogs. However my father was a complete cat person and at one point of time – we almost had 10-12 cats roaming in our house. Now there are many myths associated with cats – so I thought why not today I share with the readers some interesting facts about cats. This is a short list and in the future I will be writing more about cats – Dad I hope you must be smiling now!

1- The worst place for cats to live will be ASIA as annually about 4 million cats are eaten here.

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2- Do you know that a cat sleeps for 2/3rd of its life – that means a 6 year old cat has been awake for only 2 years.

3- Clowder is a group of cats.

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4- To people who believe that cats are not very communicative – there are 100 different sounds that a cat can make – unlikely a dog which can make only 10 different sounds.

5- On St. John’s day people used to put cats in sacks and then throw them into bonfires – thankfully it is not practised today.

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6- In USA approximately 40,000 people are bitten by cats every year – and you always used to be afraid of dog bites!

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7- Do you know that cats can jump 5 times higher than its height.

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8- The goddess Bast had a body of a woman and the head of a cat – she was worshipped in the ancient egypt.

9- There are about 12 whiskers in a cat on each side.

10- A cat has got 53 loosely fitted vertebrae making it highly flexible.

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11- A cat’s heart beats nearly twice as fast as a human heart.

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