20 Facts About Foods That You Are Unaware of

I am a BIG foodie – not just in size but also in my appetite – and with a fast restaurant at every corner – the temptations are too much for me. It is not just the food that I consume but every aspect of it – that is of interest to me. In fact there are so many amazing and shocking information about the food we eat and where we eat. So today I thought of making a list of facts about food that will be interesting to know about and I am sure many of you are unaware of. Join me in this roller coaster ride of interesting anecdotes.

1- Do you know that McDonald is visited by about 90 percent of American kids on a monthly basis! Isn’t it shocking what kind of junk food we are giving to our kids!


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2- Pick any fast food hamburger and it will contain meat from up to 100 different cows. I am sure you will not see the hamburger again in the same light.

3- French fries are the most popular type of fast food in America – no wonder obesity is such a huge problem with Americans and yes French fries were not invented by French people!

4- A Frosty from Wendy’s actually contains 14 ingredients and you thought frosty is just sweet ice!


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5- For people who think salads are fat free food option this is news for you – Taco Bell’s taco salad has more than 52 grams of fat.

6- Do you know that Fountain soda machines actually contains fecal bacteria – YUCK!! No wonder most of them taste so shitty.

7- There are many people who may believe that American’s visit fast food chains the most but it is not so – the credit goes to the residents of Hong Kong.

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8- Hash browns are actually worse than cheeseburgers as they have almost double the fat content.

9- It is shocking to know that your simple Strawberry milkshakes contain more than 50 different types of chemicals – and you thought milkshakes are healthy.


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10- McDonald’s fast food chains are one of the biggest employers in the world with over 1.5 million people working at McDonald across the globe.

11- Now most of us think that Pumpkins are vegetables but they contain seeds and are therefore technically fruit. But don’t try eating them raw as other fruits.

12 -The average apple contains around 130 calories. So 3-4 Apples in a day may actually ruin your dieting plans.


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13- Technically speaking, strawberries aren’t even berries! God knows how people name them so.

14- Every year about 70 million people suffer from food poisoning with 7 million of these cases being fatal – scary fact isn’t it?

15- There are 31 million Americans who skip breakfast – which is considered to be the most important meal of the day.

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16- Due to know that Lemons are one of the healthiest foods in this world – but don’t start gorging on them after knowing this.

17- To all those people who desire to have a 6 pack abs like a movie star – the highest-calorie fast food item in the world is a milkshake – so avoid it at best.

18- Now we may have an impression about Americans as drunken hooligans but surprisingly 1/3rd of Americans don’t drink alcohol.

19- Asparagus is high in glutathione, an important anticarcinogen – so highly recommended by dietitian across the globe.


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20- Bananas are actually high in sugar, so if you have blood sugar problems – avoid them.

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